iPhone Demo

iphone Demo

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      Apple’s website still sucks.

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    9. author

      guyjewee8 years ago

      heyy how did you get th

      please tell it to meat demo??

    10. author

      tommyapl8 years ago

      hi there was wondering how you managed to record what you did on the iPhone or did you use the SDK iPhone simulator?



    11. author

      rathodkk8 years ago

      with so many crappy iPhone learning sites out there, developers are having a hard time finding the right training resource and program. EDUmobile. ORG has changed that with their iPhone Training Program that is currently teaching over 100 students.

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      MOSTLY12128 years ago

      Technocrowd/com for cool iphone cases!

    15. author

      NabilFitri968 years ago

      ppl aint stupid….

    16. author

      DominikDays8 years ago

      love this song!!! U2 ROOLS!

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      Fabio92Gym8 years ago

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    18. author

      Tahaerkul8 years ago

      Nokia is bEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. author

      adrianpotter0018 years ago

      haha they pranked starbucks

    20. author

      odangotenten8 years ago

      it’s NOT coldplay, it’s U2

    21. author

      aca48158 years ago

      coldplay :)

    22. author

      sound4good8 years ago

      אייפון גם בישראל

    23. author

      nightshift13878 years ago

      lol it’s not just a copy of an iphone. it’s a blackberry. it’s probably the first real compeitior to the iphone.
      the htc touch, now that sucks. lol

    24. author

      maniacwithagun7678 years ago

      well it dont suck it’s just in anger of a great phone being ripped !:P

    25. author

      nightshift13878 years ago

      yeah, but the iphone swallows lol 😛

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