Apple iphone Sucks

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iphone remote controlled car

idriver is an iphone application to remote control a car. Go to for more information on "Spirit of Berlin", a completely autonomous vehicle by the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. It is equipped with various sensors and a drive-by-wire system for unmanned driving. idriver is an addon to remote control the car with an iphone. Powered by Appirion UG (http

Fastest iphone Typist

UPDATE #2: For the skeptics, I downloaded this app on March 9th and recorded this video on March 11th. Here is another source to show that typing fast is not exclusive to itextspeed taken on March 14th: I did not practice much, and indeed do not have a life since I'm a student studying to go to med school. But I do like to live a little by researching and reading daily about technology, playing heavily rendered 3D