“Way of the Future!” Nokia Nanotech “Morph” Concept Phone!!

Mobile phones are one of the most common pieces of technology used in our daily lives. Some reports put the number of cell phones sold in 2007 worldwide at 1.1 billion. With that number of cellular phones sold in 2007 alone, the market is very hot leading to expanded research and development of new handsets. Nokia and the University of Cambridge have teamed up on a new concept phone called the Morph described as a nanotechnology concept device. The

Making Your Cellular Phone Work for Your Interests

It is standard practice for telecom providers to lock cellular phones in their networks. This is a way for them to ensure customer loyalty and to maximize the profits they get from SMS and call usage. But did you know that you can easily get unlocked GSM phones right now? These unlocked mobile phones can provide numerous benefits for you. Essentially, when you have an unlocked GSM cellular phone, you mobile device is working for your interests. You are